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What Spotify, IKEA Trådfri, Philips Hue, TP-Link, LifX, Osram Lightify and WeMo have in common

  • Privacy first, software only smart home control and automation
  • For Windows and Mac
  • €9.99/month • 14 day free trial • sign up now and get 50% off for 6 months!
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Talk or type

Listening, when you want it to

  • Trigger with global hotkeys
  • Talkative? Tell us what you want to happen, when you want it
  • Quiet time? Type and tell us what to do

Streamline and automate

  • Your customised command library
  • Create Timers for one off actions
  • Set up Routines for recurring actions

Your life, your music

  • Possibly the smoothest way to enjoy your collection
  • Enhance your home with music, your way
  • Integrate music into your Agents

Your house, simplified

  • Auto discover and easily control new devices
  • The same controls for all devices, no matter the manufacturer
  • Name devices and use them freely in Agents

Mix and match it all

  • No more vendor lock in
  • Make your own personalised combinations
  • Create the perfect mood

Color reimagined

  • Unified color controls regardless of manufacturer
  • Name colors and use them intuitively
  • Fine tune your lights for that perfect mood

Locations that matter the most

  • Get up to date weather for your current location
  • Get weather for your favourite places
  • More to come soon