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THING is a Launcher that lets you control every aspect of your connected life by seamlessly connecting you to your favorite services.

You're in control. It's Your Universe.

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At this very moment, people from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and United States are using THING.

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Seamlessly connect to a World of services

Automate your life by creating Agents that listen to your surroundings and act for you. Mix and match services to create something uniquely you.

Your building blocks are Spotify*, Uber, Philips Hue, weather, texting, reminders, WiFi, Bluetooth, time, location and more. Keep your eyes peeled - we'll add many more soon! Do you have a suggestion of a service or an API we should integrate? Drop us a line!

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* Requires a Premium Spotify Account


All your apps curated by you

THING automatically shows your favorite apps at any given time of day, based on your behavior.

The App Stream refreshes to give you your favorite apps when you need them the most. No more looking for that one app you need in that group on some screen somewhere.

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Your apps, categorized

THING organizes your apps and games for you by categorizing all your apps the same way they're categorized in Google Play. Simple and effective.

Designed to ease app discovery. Forgot the name of that one app you need right now? Don't worry, if it's on Google Play, we have got you covered.

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