Your life, your music

  • Possibly the smoothest way to enjoy your collection
  • Enhance your home with music, your way
  • Integrate music into your Agents

Music maestro

With Thing • Connect you can enjoy Spotify in a streamlined, natural way — let the music flow!

Currently playing track will be shown in the footer and it will update itself periodically.

What’s this

Possibly the best way to let music be a natural part of your lifestyle. No more fiddling in the Spotify app changing playlists or playing next song. Use easy commands such as “Play Discover Weekly”, “Play the next track”, “Set the volume to max”, “Play something by my favorite artist” or why not get a voice replying to “What’s playing right now?”

Connect Spotify with a single click — we’ll take care of the rest.


Of course you can use all the commands for Spotify with Talk or Type or with Agents — just as flexible and powerful as Devices, Groups and Colors. A quick command or a chain of events, it’s up to you. Sometimes just changing playlist will do the trick other times changing playlist and colors of the lights will create that magical feeling.

Have fun

Quickly find out what’s playing with a simple command like “What’s playing” or change the volume by words or percentage, e.g. “Set the volume to low” or “Set the volume to 55 %“.

Any playlist you subscribe to is available to you by name. It’s great to use in Agents such as “Tell me what the weather is like and turn on the lights in the bedroom and play nighttime magic at 9 pm“. You’re welcome.

Even further, you can try “Play my favorite music” or “Play from my recently played tracks“.

Stay connected

The first time you use Thing • Connect you can connect to Spotify with a click of a button. This will open your default web browser where you can login to your Spotify account. That’s it.

If you want to connect to Spotify later or maybe change accounts, you can always check the link in Settings. Easy!