Mix and match it all

  • No more vendor lock in
  • Make your own personalised combinations
  • Create the perfect mood

It’s a group thing

Thing • Connect makes it easy for you to group devices however you want. Mix and match manufacturers freely.

Adding a new group is simple — just click the button to the right of the device name and it will be a part of the group.

What’s this

Thing • Connect allows you to focus on building that perfect mood that fits your lifestyle, regardless of manufacturer. No more dealing with multiple apps just to adjust several devices at once. Group them, name the group and adjust the entire group easily, such as “Turn on Romantic Red” or “Set the color to red on Living Room“.

Groups and scenes

Besides grouping devices, you can set the group as a scene by clicking Set The Scene when you create a group. This means that all the other devices will be turned off and the devices you have in the group will be on. Simple yet infinitely powerful tools for you to create your perfect mood.

Check the color

By checking Use These Colors, the colors you choose for each individual light while adding a new group will be automatically applied when the group is activated.

When you come back and edit a group, the colors you specified before will be applied to the devices so yo can get a true, hands on preview. Fine tune your home.